HONESTLY, I THINK NOT #poetry by jay

honesty is bullshit

it takes sweat

it takes regret,

stuffs it up the long forgotten

lies you perfected-

down the throats

of those you claim to love

or perhaps, at least

those who hang around the fringes

of your life

pretending you matter.

a sick kind of dichotomy

stretching the wretched 

confines of your mind,

the worst parts of those recessed

valleys, dark dank and rarely visited.

virtuous nonsense, yes virtue 

can exhibit signs of it

the bullshit, i think i’m preferring

the silence, peace, let’s keep it quiet

honesty keeps one pure, less dark

stark and starched white

in beliefs 

actually-  often left naked and hung out

to flake away into a creeping

regretful silence that awaits 

your chosen preference of the day.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh – revision #2 9/1/21

Photo by Josie Stephens from Pexels

When Death Comes Like a Thief in the Night #Reblog

I don’t use the reblog feature here often, even though it is on my blog menu…however, this is worth it. trE’s blog post moved me and touched me in a special way today. Her writing here is poignant, moving and genius.

A Cornered Gurl

I miss them. Ido.

I woke up crying a couple of nights ago. My head was aching. My stomach had knots in it I could not reduce or massage away. Their voices rang in my head — each one of them begging me not to forget them. And how could I? I have not. I never will. When death comes, it enters like a thief in the night — snatching up your last breath. Death has one agenda; kill you. It will complete its task. When it’s time — your time, it will prevail.

You cannot fight it. If you do so, prepare to lose. And you will lose horribly.

As much as I wanted to silence them, it felt disrespectful not to let them speak — not to give them the floor. I had to step aside. It was time I stepped aside. I am sharing my beautiful friends; once here…

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