Poetry Shelf conversation: Sarah Scott on paintings and poetry

Here- A great interview by Paula Green, on the unique interplay between Poetry and Art, and some really beautifully written poetry as well. Enjoy!

Poetry Shelf conversation: Sarah Scott on paintings and poetry

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When Death Comes Like a Thief in the Night #Reblog

I don’t use the reblog feature here often, even though it is on my blog menu…however, this is worth it. trE’s blog post moved me and touched me in a special way today. Her writing here is poignant, moving and genius.

A Cornered Gurl

I miss them. Ido.

I woke up crying a couple of nights ago. My head was aching. My stomach had knots in it I could not reduce or massage away. Their voices rang in my head — each one of them begging me not to forget them. And how could I? I have not. I never will. When death comes, it enters like a thief in the night — snatching up your last breath. Death has one agenda; kill you. It will complete its task. When it’s time — your time, it will prevail.

You cannot fight it. If you do so, prepare to lose. And you will lose horribly.

As much as I wanted to silence them, it felt disrespectful not to let them speak — not to give them the floor. I had to step aside. It was time I stepped aside. I am sharing my beautiful friends; once here…

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