Christmas dinner


We had a nice relaxing Christmas holiday this year. The tree was trimmed, lit and looking great.

I made filet mignon for our dinner, with whole roasted sweet onions and rosemary.


 My version of a bloomin’ onion:

I Split one sweet Vidalia onion in half, doused it with extra virgin olive oil,  some salt and pepper,  and lots of fresh chopped rosemary.

Then I roasted it for an hour at 375 degrees until it got all carmelized and soft, a wonderful side to a perfectly cooked medium rare filet mignon.


For dessert, a Cranberry Blueberry pie baked from scratch , the perfect Christmas pie!




Ta da, baked to perfection, golden , hot, bubbly, and rustic! 

Just the way I like my pie’s.

Topped with some vanilla bean ice cream and I’m in a pie state of mind!  

 Yum Pie!!


We also had some fresh baked Christmas cookies dropped at our door by our neighbor Joan.


After we had our fill of food everybody chilled on the sofa watching a movie.


The doggie was in heaven this day!!

All in all it was great food, great people, and great times.

On to 2012, Happy New Year everybody!!

Yum food!! Yum Art!!

Our Thanksgiving

Had a homemade Thanksgiving with my family. My fiancee’ and I we’re the hosts. Mom and my son gobbled up lots of our delectable fixin’s along with the beautiful and scrumptious free range fresh turkey my lady made. Fun times had by all, even my sweet chocolate lab enjoyed some of the big bird! We had some out of this world from scratch pumpkin and mile high apple pie for dessert.



This is our big bird! Delicious, roasted then glazed with honey butter.


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