Stir Fry is Da Bomb!

And why is stir fry da bomb ?

Because it turns the most mundane and seemingly boring fare, into a tingling spicy delight !

Stir Fried Cabbage with Ground Beef !

First I added some tomatoes and onion to the cabbage, oh and garlic of course ! Lots.

And then I created this tomatoe-y, pepper-y, slurry with the ground beef

and dumped it into the cabbage stir fry, yum yum !

stir fried it together, and adjusted the spice to SPICY enough for a kick but still able to enjoy all the flavors of yummy-ness

I threw in some leftover, whole wheat penne pasta noodles, for a complete and Dee-lish-ous dish !!

So much for hum-drum, boring, drab, bland, mundane cabbage and beef !

Yum Food!!  Yum Art!!

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Turkey noodle soup

Just getting my turkey carcass into a pot to make some earthy soulful kick ass turkey noodle soup! I know what your thinking…how gross! You’re just now getting around to boiling your carcass!! BUT, no way folks, I threw that puppy into the freezer on thanksgiving day, AND waited ’till we we’re clean outta any leftover’s before cracking open the freezer and throwing my yummy carcass into a big pot.




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