My name is Jay Mora-Shihadeh, thanks for stopping by today.

I  decided to create this blog to house the overabundance of inspirations, creations, rants, raves, likes and dislikes that hound me on a daily basis. But most of all, I created it to share my artistic works with you, whether they take the form of personal essay’s, poetry or art, and yes, even food on occasion. 

I have been on this crazy artistic ride my entire adult life and hope I have gained some valuable knowledge to impart with you. My background is primarily Fine Arts, with a concentration in Painting and Drawing, and for what’s it’s worth, obtained a certificate in Art Therapy.

Late in life I began to write poetry. I experienced a unique feeling that some entity took over my body and mind, and words (verse) kept hounding me. I had this same phenomena occur as a young child.  At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to what was happening in my thoughts. Words didn’t come easy to me. I related to, and considered myself a visual person, it was my comfort zone.

I had journaled for many years prior and through this process, it evolved into writing poetry. One day I decided to obey the internal prompts I was getting and let it flow.

What did I have to lose anyhow? It felt right. It felt natural.

So,  I will continue to ‘ journey on ‘ with a serious love of the creative process. My hope is that the end result, will match the love I have of this process and inspire my continued explorations-  from the inside out!

I hope you will find something here that moves you in some way.


Best to you,

Read Jay’s Published Poetry- 

“Sir Robin”  Published January 30, 2021, on Spillwords.com (New York, NY)

“The Riddle of Death”,  Issue I: hebe, Published March 13, 2021, on Free Verse Revolution: a literary magazine

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  1. “I hope you will find something here that moves you in some way” : the description of yourself and your creative process is a good “start” for me. have a good evening 🙂

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