HONESTY…I THINK NOT #poetry by jay

honesty is bullshit

it takes sweat, it takes regret, and

stuffs it up the, or down the 


of those you claim 

to love

or, or, perhaps

those who hang

around the fringes

pretending you matter.

i don’t know, it feels

like a sick kind of dichotomy

stretching the wretched

confines of the mind, 

the worst part of those

deep, deep recesses

dark, dank and rarely visited.

virtuous nonsense, 

yes virtue can exhibit signs of it, 

i think i’m preferring silence, 


let’s keep it sure-shotted,

honesty keeps one pure, 

less judgmental, stark

actually, naked and hung-out

then flakes away 

into the creeping

regretful silence

that awaits, the chosen

preference of the day

honesty is just that way-


©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

revision #1 7/14/21

photo by Josie Stephens from Pexels 

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