The bamboo whistles as night sets in

the sway of the palms, shivers his skin

and he raises his brow to the West. 

Let the sun go, let it go for today.

He melts back down with a silenced

surrender, as his  * Amber Alert * buzzes

from the kitchen table. * Kidnapped

Children from Miami-Dade, in Grave Danger * 

Annoyed by the constant onslaught of bad news

marking the violence, of this, or that kind,

perpetuated against children, he hangs his

head down and prays.  Planes and hawks

intermingle in the clouds, no real silence is found. 

Calm, but not silent.  Sadly, nature untouched by 

human hands is a prayer unanswered.  

How many times, how many times, to count the 

numbers of stars he left hanging in the night

with the moon calling his name, clear as

day.  He vanishes into some hurried way of

forgetting that none of it matters.  Only the

way of the grey, the dark matter, the star’s vaporous

dust, the way of the sun, the way of the moon 

the way of the solar flares, the explosions, only 

the way of the magnetic energy and

the way of the cosmic force fields

only they care, about the fortitude 

and good fortune of the sun and moon.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

#Prosepoetry #Poet #Cosmic #Writers

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