EDGAR AND VINCENT #poetry by jay

The melancholy of sweet depression

like Poe and Vincent Van Gogh,

those who were fraught with despair

have created haute cuisines 

of flesh, of reds, of spleen.

They’ve picked up their brushes

their pen and ink

and palette’s exploded

fit to repair,

splayed open wide-

their vision

their loneliness


the haunting beauty

that possessed their mind.

Their art wild and wanton,

masterpieces of expression

born out of tongues

that spoke with hysteria

and sights of historical blessings,

that spoke about the Starry Night

of Annabel and The Raven’s delight,

that spoke of shimmer, shiver and fright-

of howling, wailing, wicked light!

The melancholy of sweet depression-

like Poe and Vincent Van Gogh.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

revised 6/1/21

Photo Credits: Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Allan Poe

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