FREEDOM #poetry by jay

I go inside where rain pellets the skin

piercing and drenched

I recall, as I sit and feel the years

of despots and dictators reign control 

my belly contracting like a beast,

unwanted and violent.

I recall my youth, the beginnings of me

I recall my innocence, I retract and recoil

the memory of despots and dictators

lurking around and about every corner.

Rough, tumble, soft,

plush innocence.

To un-know would be pleasure.

Yearning to un-know

that the absence of light

is black dark colorless 

thrusting that back inside,

is all but impossible.

Yet, to be wild again

if I can for a minute,

even recall how that feels. 

The un-infringed upon mind.


Yes freedom. Free-dom 

Free dom dom


©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

revised 5/24/2021

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