IF I WERE A COWBOY #poetry by jay

Wheated fields 

raging bulls

prairie natives

all roamed

a festive thriving

Bless-ed home

A bedeviled



this throne,

Alas, not me 

to never be,

If I were

a cowboy

I would poke 

the earth and

straddle the

land, rock a

mountain on 

rivers grand

A cowboys cattle

who knows 

of no clan-

a buffalo, an eagle

or gallant man,

that would

battle boulders

thundering down 

a canyon, a slip

knotted tightly 

bound, to a falls

lying slantward

facing a steep drop 


a water-whittled


dry drip

If I were a

cowboy, there 

would be no

‘last stand’

no dust bowl 

no famine

no tumbled

weeds rolling,

no smoked winds


out of control

like a lost herd

or vacant soul 

only green valleys

and rugged knolls

would blaze this

land of sacred souls.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh revised 5/21/21

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

#Poetry #Rhymes #Spokenword #Cowboys

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