Hmmm…It seems misplaced

I know you want to- EXPLODE ME – into my place

Yet, there’s something missing

I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s

screaming so loudly

into this space

Where can you find the words?

Words to grab me, hold me

in your most compelling embrace

Words that come pouring from

the depths of your most

descriptive place

You see- I believe you are holding back

Holding back the crowds

the images, rushing the gate

the words of poets trying to escape, years

of exile from their place, their homes

their words, their ancestors

beating their tongues, their drums

their words

return- return, return, return!

Can’t you be more descriptive than that?

I’m losing my taste

Your words just seem so

out of place

These words of your ancestors,

overwhelm my ability, to grasp

control, control of their

proper place,

these ancestors, these poets

who speak so eloquently

need to remember, their rightful


Places misspelled, covering the trace

of words, so right, so worn, worn with words

lacking in grace

You see- Can’t you be more descriptive please?

But with taste, taste my place

this is where the words should come from 

Those ancestors are all wrong, they all belong

In captivity! Capture their song

Your words are stifled, not strong

But, I see a flower waiting to bloom

Your words are steeped in a sadness that

has longed, for sweet freedom

Your words are imprisoned

your words are all wrong

Can’t you be more descriptive please?

Scholarly words, smart words, words

of intellect. There is no place for your words in this 

world. If you forget those poets, those ancestors

of primitive place, perhaps

Perhaps, we can embrace- most certainly embrace

Your words would make sense

EXPLODE in my face

Words of descriptive meaning would trace

a grid for me to embrace, most certainly embrace.

I don’t understand that place

where our ancestors have been driven 

Driven behind those gates


Their words beaten back by captivity

Can’t you be more descriptive

than that?

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by Khaled Reese from Pexels

#Poetry #Ancestry #Exile

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