Poem of the week, presented by, The Guardian #Poetry

“Italian influences pervade the rich cultural backdrop of Grace Schulman’s 2020 collection, The Marble Bed. The Angel of the Resurrection sculpted by Giulio Monteverde graces the book jacket, and the book includes an illustrated sequence of meditations on this and other tomb sculpture in the monumental cemetery of Staglieno. Literary allusions include the 20th-century poet Eugenio Montale, while Montale’s 14th-century mentor, Dante Alighieri, is also a presiding spirit for Schulman.” The Guardian


Because, in a wounded universe, the tufts
of grass still glisten, the first daffodil
shoots up through ice-melt, and a red-tailed hawk

perches on a cathedral spire; and because
children toss a fire-red ball in the yard
where a schoolhouse façade was scarred by vandals,

and joggers still circle a dry …Read more

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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