Gorilla Face #Poetry

there’s a gorilla who lives in those clouds

his face, i’ve seen delivered in my dreams, strong and fierce,

a thunderous roar, he’s at it again, the gorilla

pounds at his chest and wakes me 

from my sleep,

the clouds are releasing a beast of a rain

torrenting at the roof, the gorilla lashes out 

an animal insane,

the night is lost to this massive display,

of booming roars pounding in rage, 

as I lie here awake staring at these doors,

the gorilla yelps out a howling roar

a battle cry from this distant shore,

to yours and yours and yours and more,

he’s on a mission,

a primate’s tour,

my dreams disrupted,

by a beast of a storm. 

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo Credit by Pexels

#Poem #Insomnia #Storm

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