Go To Hell Please



It’s ten after 

and then some more…

but who’s counting or paying attention?

I get thrown back, at the escape created daily

Forgetting the task of this day

It matters not by me, or you, or them, or him!

We are trapped here, in this great universal tragedy

A mythical- like tragical story

Epic in fact

We ponder, pontificate and postulate.

This insanity we hail from, we reign from

on down the line from, regurgitate from

How did we birth a nation, a planet of conceptional

like aliens? Unlike the birth of an unwanted 

mistake, a defect we mourn after.

How in the hell did it happen?

Today is no exception

as is yesterday, tomorrow 

or future takes. 

Why do we tolerate the “facts”, the mistakes?

Oh, I don’t know you say, go bother your mother, father, brother 

Your mundane questions you inherited, it’s all fake. 

Listen! This is a big one.

We got here through time travel and history

Lore led us astray 

and we now beg for Mercy upon Mercy for those we preyed and

we actually divide and lay, a morbid cell, in a cell, in a retractable hell

At least now we pray and pray for that finality that un-does the messness

the infinite-ness-ness, the infinity knot, tightly wound-ness-ness

Unashamed..unabashedly, unfounded-ness-ness. 

Go to hell please and find our day…

 I beg of you!

of this-this-this.

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

#Poetry #Freeverse #Purgatory

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