Content like the Wolf

I must confess. I came across this poem I wrote many years back after meeting my wife, almost 13 years ago now. I still feel the same and hope I always do. Sighing and Smiling : )

It’s crazy, but I’m totally in love with this woman

she drives me crazy

I love how strong she is, how direct

I love that she demands more from people

I love that she is a beautiful, feminine woman

strong, fierce and passionate

I have been waiting a long time for her 

to enter into my sphere of existence

and there she is, suddenly it seems

consuming me like a wildfire

and I want to cry at her beauty, how alive she is

what she demands from the human race is so visceral

so alive, so hauntingly wide awake and so real

I believe now in God and the sheer utterance 

of eternity feels so absolute to me that

I want to melt into life with the concern 

and the compassion of the wolf

for the taste of flesh, for the taste of the hunt

it is all I crave now, and it makes total sense

this humming in my bones for peace

for contentment

what more is there?

Β©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

#Poetry #LovePoem #Freeverse

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