All  i want is space

Space to live

Space to write

To flow 

To create

I want to taste 

The images

That entice

My memory

The images that

Color my canvas

My minds canvas

The souls savory stew

Of admiration

that commands

my taste buds

to dance

All night

All day

Into my dreams

Never wasting

all this bounty

that has been


upon me

To blow in 

the soft air

The love of life

That dare 

Act alive

With desire 

With care


Painting ‘inkstews’

And snatching 

Elated moments

Of visions

That command

my view

All i want 

Are these moments

This time

This necessary


©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

#spokenword #Poetry #freeverse

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