The Jackal Unhinged

Fatherless motherless

widower widowed

the boy sings 

the jackal unhinged

A bastard, a wish

tobacco stuffed snuff

deep sniffles burns drips

rolls into the throat

like a knife tip

rips, hiccups hic-ups

The sweet burning

Cherry flavor

vomits – violence

erupts as the 

toilet swisher


then flushes

and switches and flushes

some more

the jackal unhinges

the sky empties light

tossed like a pillowy

flower, into the night

the clouds bellow

the walls shatter

white upon white

upon white upon white!

No worries, no ways 

to distance the rage

the jackal remains

unhazed, but crappity

crap, the boy shamed 

tobacco burning 

cheeks, Cherry red 

Swisher Swisher 

The cigarette is really

 A Cigar


‘cause  it taste like crap!

Crap upon crap upon crap,

Crap upon crap upon crap!

The boy sings-

Fatherless, motherless

No more, no more

the jackal unhinged

the boy implores

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

#Poets #Abuse #Mentalhealth

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