THE POET SHOUTS #poetry by jay

And so it goes, and it came like this

you may like it,

or you may not…

The Poet Shouts Versefully Out

The crowd stops and gathers about

He stands tall and projects

Do Not Forget-

Do not forget from whence you came!

It may be a long away flicker- but it burns like the embers

in the fires of life!

What, you say, Does This all Mean?

It means, that we will not lay down and die.

For what greatness does this betray to lie down and die?

The greatness of our land

the beauty and justness in our being!

The great land we know in Palestine.

‘Oh the tales he weaves

the shoulders he stands on

whirling dervishly

he sings, he shouts…

Palestine Rises!

Victory is on our horizon.

Palestine shines, like the ripeness of the sun on our olive trees

It shines in the pupils of our youth, in the spirit of our elderly

Palestine shines! Palestine rises! Palestine lives!

As the crowd spun around

pinned silently to this sacred ground

entranced by his

profound sagely sound

he continued


Palestine complete.

Palestine is burning, it is bleeding

in the streets.

The people are rising up

to face their enemies

Almighty fighters

who sacrifice complete

Complete sacrifice…

Until the sun is shining again

over the beauty of our Palestine

Palestine complete!

And in a misty subdued haze

the crowd dispersed

into the forward gaze

of a poet left

in an unshaken state,

stepping down, for now

until further regain.

that’s the story of how it came to be…

©Jay Mora-Shihadeh

#Poet #Palestinian

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

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