Final #DailyUI Day 100 completed!

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.53.58 PM.png

This is my final design in this journey. I am complete in the 100 Day UI Design Challenge!

The final and last challenge was to redesign a new landing page for the Daily UI ( challenge.

I have created all of my designs, for this 100 day challenge, while learning at the same time, how to use Figma.  I have learned so much from this challenge. Learning and transitioning into working as a UI designer from working as a fine artist has been immensely rewarding.

I have gained “design muscles”, as well as challenging my work habits into learning some new constraints. The big difference has been paying attention to you, the user, focusing on how you would navigate around my designs, on any given device. Of course I’m explaining the process in very basic terms, regardless, still very different from my spontaneous and abstract painting style, or methods. 

However, many similar themes emerged, ie. color theory,  composition, figure/ground relationship, focal point(s), sketching, research etc…  AND emotions, frustrations, satisfaction, perseverance and pride, to name a few! 

On to the next challenge, stay tuned…

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