Pan-fried Tofu and Tatsoi on Khubz

I am thoroughly enjoying making, baking and eating khubz with a variety of dishes. I have created a pan-fried tofu sandwich on homemade khubz using the fresh tatsoi greens I purchased from the Weavers Way farm. I seasoned my tofu with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and some tamari soy sauce.

I pan-fried it in oil until it became nice and crispy then threw in some onions to saute’ a bit.

After the onions cooked down I added the tatsoi greens sautéing until they became wilted just enough to keep  the delicate flavor of the greens.

I took the khubz and charred it on the stove top over an open flame set to low.

I then constructed a very tasty pan-fried tofu sandwich on khubz and my little friend suddenly showed up!

The tofu had a wonderful smoked and slightly spicy flavor from the cayenne and smoked paprika. The tofu itself was hot, crispy, moist and packed a big punch of flavor that held up nice to the charred hefty texture of the khubz. The tatsoi was delicate yet hearty like spinach and helped take this sandwich to the next level!  mmm mmm good!

Yum Food!! Yum Art!!

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