The Incredible Coconut

Coconuts aren’t for everybody but in my house we love them.

Coconuts are versatile and delicious. Crack them open with a hammer to expose the white flesh and harvest the coconut meat for all your scrumptious recipes. I like to use them in my impromptu curried vegetable dishes.

First I roast them in the oven for an even nuttier flavor.

I then mince them into tiny pieces, and throw them into my many (mostly veggie) stir fry’s and curries, creating a fragrant and rich flavor.

Coconuts are sweet and nutty with lots of nutritious oils in them.

Here is a Wikipedia link to tell you all about this incredible, versatile, and healthy fruit (often mistaken for a nut):

Yum Food! Yum Art!

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  1. Funny/.. this post reminded me of when I was a kid my Dad brought home a Coconut and drilled a hole for my brother to drink the juice than cracked it open with a hammer.. I love coconut!!


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