Pop Craft Craze Arrives in Sarasota, FL!

Our weekly farmer’s market trips always yield a delightful new experience for my partner and I. On this trip we tasted our first Pop Craft treat.

What a great way to cool down after a trek through the hot morning sun. They have a fantastic choice of both, creamy and icy artisan popsicles to choose from.  New flavors will pop up week to week. I chose the icy” Blueberry Lemon Basil” while my partner chose the creamy “Coconut Cream.”

Both flavors were cold, full of flavor and definitely unique. Most certainly my “Blueberry Lemon Basil” was unique, it had bits of basil in the pop, hence its’ true artisan flavor.

Donna L. Tortorice is the “Lady Pop” herself and she is getting ready to open her first bricks and mortar pop shop here in Sarasota this July. Congratulations! I love to see small local businesses like this be successful. And I certainly love to partake in tasty, local,  artisan foodie stuff.

Make sure to visit their website www.popcraftpops.com

Yum Food!! Yum Art!!

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