Our indoor Memorial day barbecue

I was reading my monthly subscription to Bon Appetit, and it inspired me to make a Skirt steak from a portion of one of their recipes.

Of course I tweaked it to what we had in our pantry. I don’t keep ALL fresh herbs on hand, wish I could, would and did, instead I substituted the fresh oregano for dried oregano. No biggie though, still turned out delicious!

It was a luscious marinade, well more of a wet rub, with lots of smoky paprika, garlic, sweet Florida onion (instead of shallots) red pepper flakes, fresh garlic, dried oregano (instead of fresh oregano), the zest of one lime with its’  juice (instead of an orange) and a couple of tablespoons of canola oil.

I salted the skirt steak liberally with Kosher salt and marinated it at room temperature for 1 hour. Then I opted to broil it instead of grill it outside in the HOT Florida sun, well… really we don’t own a grill!

Alas, fantastic flavors, perfect for an indoor barbecue!

Red hot smoky-ness!

Yum! A perfect char and succulent taste!

This one I made up myself, easy to put together since I had some super fine produce on hand from the farmer’s market.

Peach Tomato Salsa

Peach Tomatoes with a Georgia Peach add a sweet variety to this fresh salsa

Fiery jalapeno!

Fresh organic parsley and cherry tomatoes

Chop it all up, mix it in a bowl…

Fresh squeezed lime juice

Perfect on Skirt steak!

Farm fresh and snappy green beans!

Tasty Skillet Potatoes

Taters rock!

Time to eat!

Bon Appetit!

A down home indoor barbecue!

Yum Food!! Yum Art!!












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